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I&C of glass furnaces

 During creation and installation of the process control system we provide the following services:
• Object inspection with generation of technical conclusion
• Design
• Supply of the specialized equipment
• Development of applied software
• Mounting and start-up
• Training of Customer’s personnel
• Guaranty and service maintenance

Destination of Process Control System:

Process control system is assigned for driving of glass furnace, zone of production and feeders channels. Process control system architecture is, as a rule, two levels.
Process Control System is destined to manage of process of the distillery. Information about operation of technological process is coming from primary converters, installed nearly on the process equipment and pipelines. Collection and treatment of this information, as well as generation of driving signals are executed by the station of process control, which is built on the basis of programmable logic controller having unit principle and allowing to enlarge and expand system. Through local computer network, the station of process control has the output on the operational dispatching complex that is automated working post (AWP). AWP of operator is built on the base of personal computer (PC) with setup SCADA system. Through industrial network Ethernet, the station of process control can have an output on the dispatching complex with including an AWP process engineer.

Functions of Process control system
• Operational control of condition of production process technological parameters and control of plant units
• Process control in different modes (“by hand”, “Automate”, “Algorithm”) thanks to sending of control signals on the execution mechanisms and frequency converters
• Technological and accident signalization during the exceeding of technological parameters over regulations and accident borders
• System signalization in case of sensor or controller measuring channel failure
• Offering of software support during the system settings
• Logging of technological process, storage and providing of information in the form of protocols, trends and reports on the computer monitor and printing in standard form.

Features of Process control system of distillery

  • Reliability
    Process control system is built on the base of software and hardware complex from the leading world companies in the field of automation such as Simatic S7-300 (“Siemens”), TSX Premium (“Schneider Electric”), Freelance 2000 (“ABB”), SLC 500 (“Allen Bradley”).
  • Standartization
    Development of software is made by using the standard software packages like InTouch (“Wonderware”), WinCC (“Siemens”), Monitor Pro (“Schneider Electric”), Freelance 2000 (“ABB”). We don’t “attach” the Customer to individual developments of single programmers or firms.
  • Commonality
    Refusal in utilisation of developing Process Control System of self-made converters to reduce the price of system. We aim on the leading producers from Europe, North America, Japan, Russia and Ukraine.

Advantages for Customer
As a result of installation of Process Control system at the glass furnace, the Customer obtains:
• Saving of fuel and power resources from 3% to 5% thanks to their more rational utilization
• Reduction of hazardous emissions in the atmosphere
• Increase of output of good products
• Prolongation of furnace service time
• High reliability of the means of process control system thanks to application of newest technologies in the field of automation
• Improvement of the working conditions of maintenance personnel.

Our Customers
• Semipalatinsk glass plant, Kazahstan
• “Vol’nogorsk glass”, Ukraine
• Glass plant “Elizovo”, Belorussia
• “Biomedsteklo”, Ukraine


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Company's mission

System integration of advanced technical solutions in the field of production automation in order to satisfy Customers maximally.

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Participation of International Ecological Forum “ESO solution – high technology’’

 Participation of International Ecological Forum “ESO solution – high technology’’
CTS Group took part and came forward as the co-organizer of International Ecological Forum “ESO solution – high technology’’ passed 18-20 February, 2009 in an exhibition centre "Lemberg", Lvov.



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