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Sugar industry is a one of the most foreground target industries for JSC “Complete Technological Systems”.

Really, a company’s history began in 1993, when it has been realized the first project on automation of sugar production at the Kuyanovsk sugar plant. Since then, works in automation and complete reconstruction have been carried out at the dozens of plants in Ukraine, Russia, Byelorussia and other countries of former-USSR.

Today, our company is a known leader in the field of automation in sugar industries.

Our Clients:

  • Kuyanovsk sugar plant, Ukraine
  • Rokitnyanskiy sugar plant, Ukraine
  • Orzhytskiy sugar plant, Ukraine
  • Novoukrainskiy sugar plant, Ukraine
  • Samborskiy sugar plant, Ukraine
  • Zhabinkovskiy sugar plant, Byelorussia
  • Aleksandrenskiy sugar plant, Moldova
  • Cheremnovskiy sugar plant, Russia
  • Kirsanovskiy sugar plant, Russia
  • “Sudzuker-Moldova”
  • “Faleshty sugar”, Moldova
  • “Drokia sugar”, Moldova
  •  Donduchanskiy sugar plant, Moldova
  • Ulianovskiy sugar plant, Russia
  • Raevskiy sugar plant, Russia
  • Lebednyanskiy sugar plant, Russia
  • Sugar plant named after Shevchenko, Ukraine
  • Zainskiy sugar plant, Russia
  • Nurlatskiy sugar plant, Russia
  • Sugar plant JSC “Vol’naya gavan’”, Kaliningrad, Russia
  • Zherdevskiy sugar plant, Russia
  • Sugar plant “Valuyki sakhar”, Russia
  • Skidel sugar factory, Byelorussia
  • Znamenskiy sugar plant, Russia
  • Uspenskiy sugar refinery, Russia
  • JSC “Kant”, sugar refinery, Kazakhstan

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Company's mission

System integration of advanced technical solutions in the field of production automation in order to satisfy Customers maximally.

Company news

Participation of International Ecological Forum “ESO solution – high technology’’

 Participation of International Ecological Forum “ESO solution – high technology’’
CTS Group took part and came forward as the co-organizer of International Ecological Forum “ESO solution – high technology’’ passed 18-20 February, 2009 in an exhibition centre "Lemberg", Lvov.



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